I did not grow up wanting to be a politician.
I grew up feeling the same way I imagine a lot of the UK feels when it comes to politics. You vote in one party, then the other party criticises them constantly, nothing gets done, and occasionally they switch sides.
Growing up.
  • I was born in Billericay, Essex in the East of England. I went to a local primary and junior school.
  • I then went to a grammar school in Southend, Essex, where I completed my GCSE's and A-levels. My A-level subjects were Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and Psychology.
Attending university.
  • I went to study Biomedical Sciences at Brunel University in West London. I'd asked my brother how to get the most out of university, he told me to sign up and get involved in as many things as possible - I did just that.
  • I joined the volleyball club, with no experience playing before. In my second year, I ran the volleyball club, covering six committee positions myself.
  • I got involved in student politics; one year I was working to improve the lives of students living in campus accommodation, and the next year I was working to improve the entertainment and events available for students.
  • After my second year at university, I started a work placement year to gain experience. I worked for St George's University of London, in South London, for my placement year. I was an e-learning technologist, working on creating and editing computer-based resources for medical students to learn medicine.
Becoming political.
  • During my time working for St George's University, I completed an e-learning course made by the Houses of Parliament which explained how UK politics works. This was when I became political.
  • I joined the Green Party in 2017 and started going to local meetings straight away. The local party were excited to see someone so young and energetic wanting to get involved.
  • A few months later I applied for a job at the Green Party, and was successful. At the same time, I had applied and been accepted to study nutrition at Surrey University. I chose to take the job working for the Green Party. I did not go back to finish my degree.
Here and now.
  • I always had an ambition to make the world a better place. Upon learning more about the way UK politics works, I decided that my ambition was in politcs.
  • I've been the chair of Structures and Procedures Committee for the Young Greens for the past two years. This involves making sure the Young Greens is following the rules of its own constitution, running elections for over 5000 members, and organising the sessions where new policy is voted in.
I want to be your deputy leader.
Politics is made better when we discuss more.
Ask me any questions you have.
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Promoted and Produced by Nick Humberstone as part of their campaign for election to the post of Deputy Leader. This is not an official communication from the Green Party of England and Wales.